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The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International was organized May 11, 1929, in Austin, Texas. Dr. Annie Webb Blanton and eleven other women educators believed there was a need to unite women educators in efforts toward better professional preparation, recognition of women's work in the teaching profession, and scholarships for those needing aid in improving their professional preparation. The organization has a membqership of over 140,000 in 3,020 chapters in 14 countries.

Beta Beta State History: On January 21, 1949, fourteen women established the Delta Kappa Gamma Society in Hawaii. Seven had been members on the mainland and when they came to Hawai`i to live, they felt so strongly about the fellowship that Delta Kappa Gamma had provided them that they sought out each other to establish a state organization here. Beta Beta State has expanded to 14 chapters.

History of Beta Beta State

Beta Beta State Past Presidents

Beta Beta State Founders

St. Claire Anderson
Alpha Eta State, Charsleston, South Carolina

Ruth Orcutt Bacon
Phi State, Lawrence, Kansas

Marvel Bernshouse
Alpha State, Texas

Phyllis Byrnes
Alpha State, Texas

Eva Philip Curry
Alpha Sigma State, Olympia, Washington

Olga Larson
Alpha State, Tyler, Texas

Viona Whitlow
Alpha Omicron State, Grand Forks, North Dakota

Beta Beta State Chapters

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Delta Kappa Gamma Society
Beta Beta State, 2002

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